About Us

Quality products for the best price

IREKS GmbH is a multinational company that has been dealing with energy, general commodities, fruits and transportation. Establish in 2011 and founded in Cyprus. We are a multinational company with one eye on sustainability and one on distribution of quality goods from all over the world.

We have always been dedicated to the search for “quality products for the best price” in order to redistribute it providing year-round availability. However, to achieve this goal, we select only the best suppliers based on the high quality of their produce.

IREKS GmbH distributes top quality products from Europe, Africa, Middle east, Asia and America and imports directly from Chile, Uruguay, , South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. In order to strengthen our presence, a new branch was established in Germany three years ago: “ IREKS GmbH ”. The market constantly demands products so we are always on the lookout for good partners with whom to establish long lasting and profitable relationships to distribute their products in West, Center, East, South Africa and Middle East market which are all emerging markets.

A new site will be opening very soon, strategically located in South Africa and built to be a logistic hub for our partners.

With our devoted and talented employees IREKS GmbH has grown significantly over recent years becoming a market leader in many countries in which we operate making us an attractive point for new partners.

Our Mission:

IREKS GmbH strive to sell, supply and distribute to our customers with the best quality products which exceeds customers expectation at all time making business a remarkable experience.

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm